Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy National Reading Month!

Did you know that March is the National Reading Month across the United States? To my shame, I had no clue until Amazon sent me an e-card. Imagine -- a full month of literary awareness! Springtime reading! It sounds so... energizing! Uplifting! Bright! Kinda like opening a window and letting all the fresh air and sunlight flood your room.

So, air out your soul, let the wind and the sun tease your imagination, celebrate with a new book! Now is the perfect time to stop by the library or a bookstore or even your own bookcase and peruse the shelves for anything that catches your attention, takes you away to a world as real as your dreams, makes you wonder, moves you to tears (or to laughter), inspires you to feel.

May your days be filled with the scent of new paper and ink, the promise of a journey and the joy of discovery and your cup overflowing with freshly brewed coffee (or tea). Cheers to good reading and new finds!
some of my recent book picks

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