Friday, December 6, 2013

Beautiful Fall

The winter is almost upon us, and all things Fall we came to treasure and admire - flame-colored leaves and quivering reflections in the puddles, flocks of birds dotting the sky and scents of harvest during street fairs - must give way to new sights and sensations. One season locks itself away like a coffer, while another opens up spilling forth its bounty.

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from the Fall:

Making steaming, heart-warming drinks:
fresh apple cider and hot chocolate and mulled wine...

baking mouth-watering pumpkin pies...
and all sorts of sweet and savory treats, until the whole house smells like SPICES,
and feels like we live inside a bakery!

Watching the changing patterns in the puddles;
it is hypnotizing and very, very pretty...

I'm halfway convinced pumpkins are magical!
A handful of them transforms a simple porch into a gateway to festivities, good mood
and expectations of wonderful.
You can carve them, paint them, decorate with them
or simply... eat them.

Playing in the leaves...
Also the way they crunch when you walk on them!

Gorgeous Colors
It is in the Fall that I find myself most drawn to my old painting studio,
to the smells of oil paints and wet branches tangled over the windows,
to the feel of cool, gilded light sluicing over my skin like spidersilk...
On the crisp, sunny days or the foggy, lazy days
or the quiet, rainy days
the latent painter in me wakes up with a ravenous need to create...
The world is dripping with color,
and subconsciously I want
to save it for the pale winter months,to preserve a small part of it
 the same way
I preserve sweet, fragrant plums or lovely, sunny cherries to savor later,
when the trees are dark and bare and cold.

Watching Critters Forage in the Woods

Getting Cozy with a Good Book and a Mug of Hot Coffee

Lighting the Fire
All images via Pinterest

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